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Parents in Pyjamas

on January 26, 2016

Today, amongst all the more serious goings on in the world, one headline caught my eye. This one, about parents and carers being asked not to wear their pyjamas and slippers on the school run.

My first reaction was one of shock; I’ve never left the house in my nightwear, let alone for a school run. Part of the reason for this, is that I’d be far too embarrassed, and I’d rather not reveal myself in my pyjamas to anyone who isn’t my nearest and dearest. It would give them an awful fright, I’m sure!

My knee-jerk response was one of, if I can get myself, our autistic six year old and our two year old out of the house and to his (out-of-catchment) school early, with us all clean and fully dressed, why can’t anyone else?

Of course, like anything in life, it’s not that simple.

Having been mulling it over, there are a few things that occurred to me. For one, it’s a positive that, particularly in some deprived areas (as I’ve got no doubt this occurs all over the country), some of these children are even at school, regardless who brings them and what their attire.

What about those people who, for whatever reason, are about to snap under life pressures, and the fact they even got out of bed, let alone out of the house, is a massive achievement?

What about the mum who’s in an abusive relationship she feels she can’t leave, having just had a new baby, has no additional support, and is just trying to do right by her children getting them into school?

Of course, this is not excusing downright laziness, and if it’s a parent who has remained in their pyjamas for the sake of a few extra minutes in bed without good reason, then I find that harder to accept.

This is different to those who really cannot do anything other than get themselves out of the house in their pyjamas. I’ve been there; I’ve been that mum who is at the end of her tether, suffering with depression, who is living breath by breath and struggling just to keep myself alive. I know how difficult that is.

But at the end of the day, we’re all parents, doing what can be considered the toughest job in the world, and to some, wearing their pyjamas on the school run really isn’t a huge problem in the grand scheme of things.

That doesn’t mean you’ll see me in my pyjamas any time soon, though!


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