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An apology to all those concerned with my children’s oral health

Let me start by saying sorry. Sorry to all dentists, hygienists, speech and language therapists, health visitors, and anyone else concerned with my children’s oral health.

I know all about the best cups to use; free-flowing if they have a lid, or even better, ordinary open-top cups. Water throughout the day. Squash/juice at mealtimes only etc etc.

But my mental health can no longer cope with mopping up spilt drink, after spilt drink, after spilt drink.

Whoever said, “Don’t cry over spilt milk!” clearly didn’t have a two year old and a six year old who frequently knock over cups of milk (or water. Which, incidentally, seems to travel a lot further than milk, although definitely leaves a non-sticky residue. Unlike milk.). The most frustrating instance of this is when you’ve just cleared up one drink, and a second goes flying across the floor in exactly the same place you’ve just cleaned up. I’m not exaggerating when I say not a day goes by without at least one spilt drink.

So, sorry, but these children are having non-spill cups for the foreseeable!

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I’m done!

Do you ever have those days when you just think, “I’m done! I have nothing more to give!”?

I suspect the fact it’s the end of the half term break has a lot to do with how I’m feeling, but I really do feel like I’ve had enough.

This week has been hectic, with a few unexpected bits thrown in. Typical of any half term break, then, really!

And I’m feeling nit-picked and hen-pecked. I load the dishwasher – it’s loaded wrong. I wash and dry the clothes – they don’t smell right/still have creases. I tidy up – it still looks like a pigsty. I prepare meals – yuck/boring.

So, yeah. I’m done!

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Think I have my sh*t together?


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This tiny little aeroplane came in our eldest son’s Lego advent calendar, and his younger brother took ownership of it, taking it absolutely everywhere with him – even to bed.

Last month, after Saturday club, during a tantrum in the car park, our youngest son dropped it and it broke apart, and one of the blue pieces (not an easy-to-replace piece, either!) travelled so far under a car I couldn’t retrieve it. I wasn’t expecting to ever get it back again, but there was a part of me that was hoping we might just find it there when we returned today.

Today, I pulled up in the car park, and was absolutely delighted – and surprised – when I opened my car door, and by my feet was laying the very piece of Lego we lost a month ago! Slightly worse for wear, but still attaches perfectly to other Lego pieces.

So here it is, against the odds, the tiny Lego plane, once again complete!

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