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on February 6, 2016


This tiny little aeroplane came in our eldest son’s Lego advent calendar, and his younger brother took ownership of it, taking it absolutely everywhere with him – even to bed.

Last month, after Saturday club, during a tantrum in the car park, our youngest son dropped it and it broke apart, and one of the blue pieces (not an easy-to-replace piece, either!) travelled so far under a car I couldn’t retrieve it. I wasn’t expecting to ever get it back again, but there was a part of me that was hoping we might just find it there when we returned today.

Today, I pulled up in the car park, and was absolutely delighted – and surprised – when I opened my car door, and by my feet was laying the very piece of Lego we lost a month ago! Slightly worse for wear, but still attaches perfectly to other Lego pieces.

So here it is, against the odds, the tiny Lego plane, once again complete!


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